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“You’ve always been a total babe. Now let me show you!”

Kati & I have you covered girlfriend! 

I see you scrolling over there trying to decide if a boudoir photography experience is right for you. I’m pretty sure you are feeling a bit nervous and maybe even questioning it. We totally get it. It’s scary.

Girl, the struggle is real! I completely understand having the pressure to be something that seems unrealistic. After having my twin girls, my body has never been the same.  I’m learning to love my new body and all the beautiful flaws that come with it. I’m here to help you overcome all the negative lies that you have been telling yourself and start loving and appreciating yourself as you are right at this moment.

Yes! You can totally rock out a boudoir session! Trust me. My job is to make you feel comfortable, pampered and beautiful! I have photographed hundreds of women…every shape and size. I make sure to coach you through every step. Our talented hair & make up artist, Kati has been making ladies look like a million bucks for over 10 years! Think of it as a few girlfriends hanging out, jamming to music, getting all dolled up and having a blast in some cute undies!

We GOT YOU, BOO! We’re here for you, 100% of the time.

We want to give you the ability to see yourself as we see you! We are just two crazy women who fiercely love and support you.


(Elaina & Kati)

Your Boudoir Photography Experience

You a little nervous? I totally get it girl!  So that’s why we start SLOW. We start in the outfit you feel the least terrified in. We listen to fun music, we take dance breaks, you watch me trip over things, we tell each other our secrets, you watch me do the poses for you. Before you know it, I’m the girl you’ve known forever, and it gets SO much easier to get less and less clothed. TRUST ME IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING. 

Contact/ Book

 You need to make the first move girlfriend! If you have questions shoot me an email and I’d love to answer them. If you’re ready to take the leap there is a booking option on the top of the page. After you book, I’ll send you everything you need to know to help a sister out so you’re not feeling lost!

Makeup & Shoot

You’ll arrive at my studio super excited and prepped! My hair & makeup artist will turn you into a super model. Then we’ll begin shooting and listening to your fav music while I give you all the directions needed to pose and look amazing. If I were you I would totally make plans after because you will be looking like a total babe! Just saying… 


You will come back a week later to see your gorgeous images! You will pick out your collection and purchase your images. Everything will be ready 4-6 weeks later.

“For the first time in a long time I can say I truly look and feel sexy, alluring, and absolutely gorgeous. I love it! My husband loves it! She has changed my world! Thank you Elaina from the bottom of my heart for finding and showing me…me. ” -Mrs. A

i'm guessing you're here to feel a little more sexy about yourself or maybe want a little something something for your man. but at the same time your thoughts in your head are saying...

 I want to lose weight….I’m terrified…I’m not sexy enough…I’m going to look silly…” I don’t know how to pose.” 

GIRL…stop. Toss that crap out the window. That’s fear talking.

Boudoir Photography behind

Confidence, Empowerment, and Loving YourSelf

I do not photograph naked women.
I mean…I do, but it is so much more than just that!

I want to be real with you girl. I’m here to photograph the shift. The “a-ha” moment. The lightbulb. I photograph those very first few moments where you are exploring the meaning of your true beauty. Those moments where you’ve set aside all of the society’s expectations, and spend some time working on loving yourself.  I capture you celebrating your imperfectness and  you challenging yourself to be vulnerable and raw. This is a place where you find newfound love and respect for your body.

I’m here to show you how smokin hot you really are and always have been.  


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This is a beautiful little empowerment bubble and our safe place. We are over 1,600+ women strong and we’d love for you to join in on all the boudoir fun!

“My husband was OVER THE MOON when he saw how confident I was when I came home. Forget the amazing pictures I got for him, I was ON TOP OF THE WORLD!” -Mrs. A

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This ain’t your Momma’s glamour shots! Girl, you have always been sexy and it's time for me to show you. Are you ready?  LET'S DO THIS!  

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